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Conclusion Pages

After completing Stage 5, there are a few additional pages that conclude your exploration of the current pattern/capacity pair.

Pattern Related to Page. This page contains additional information about your pattern and some patterns and capacities that are related to it. These may not be necessary for changing the pattern, so feel free to ignore this page if it doesn't seem relevant to you.

This page describes the pattern that is usually polarized with the pattern you are exploring, which means that if you have both of them, they will be in conflict about how you should behave. For example, your People-Pleasing Pattern might be polarized with your Rebel Pattern, with one wanting you to comply with other people’s requests or demands and the other wanting you to defy them.

The page also points to the dimension of the Pattern System that contains this pattern and capacity. This dimension will include other patterns and capacities that are dealing with the same area of human functioning. For example, the People-Pleasing Pattern and  Assertiveness Capacity are in the Power Dimension, which includes not only the Rebel Pattern but also the Controlling and Passive-Aggressive Patterns, as well as the Cooperation Capacity. All of these deal with interpersonal influence and power.

Additional Help Page. This page gives information and links to books, websites, professionals, and other resources for additional help with this pattern.

Conclusion Page. This page is the final one for this pattern. It explains how to return and work with a different Practice Situation, how to view all the reports you generated while processing the pattern, and where you might go next.

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