STJ Therapists Version and Subscription now available


Self-Therapy Journey (STJ) can be useful for psychotherapists, coaches, other mental health professionals, and students. All these professionals can use STJ as an adjunct to their client’s therapy or coaching, including the otherwise-locked Stage 2 to work on deeper memories and wounds. 

Your clients can use STJ to explore further issues you have been working on in your sessions, which may speed up their therapy. This empowers them and gives them a greater sense of being in charge of their own work. They can also explore issues that you haven’t had time to deal with in their sessions with you. 

Because of the structured nature of STJ, it helps clients to stay on track with an issue or part of them they have started to work on. The Pattern System helps clients to be aware of issues that they might not have realized needed work. STJ and the Pattern System also help clients to create complete psychological profiles of themselves and work on their issues systematically.

STJ is especially useful for structured homework practices. Stage 5 enables clients to set up detailed practices for working on behavior change in their lives which can be based on the inner work you have done with them in sessions.

Registered Therapists can use the otherwise-locked Stage 2 with their clients to work on deeper memories and wounds. 

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