About the Layout of STJ (Overview)


Most pages are step sequences, which have a left, center, and right column:

* The center column is the main one.
* The left column is used for moving through the pages in a sequence, and especially for going back to a page that you already visited. Clicking on Next at the bottom of a page is the same as clicking on the next page in the left column. Do not use Return to go back to a previous page in the sequence. Use the left column for that. Return will take you back to the page that you linked to the step sequence from.
* The right column is for when you need extra help or when you want to do something special, like taking notes or exploring the Pattern System.

There are five main stages for each pattern/capacity pair, plus an introductory stage and a short conclusion. Each stage involves a step sequence. After you complete that sequence, there will be a link called Return to Stage Sequence. This returns you to the master stage sequence so you can go on to the next stage, until you have completed all five. You can always tell where you are in this process by looking at the header, which also has links to each of the stages in case you want to jump around.

You can see the page areas referred to above in the image available at the link below

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