How STJ works

You can choose a problematic pattern that you would like to change or a healthy capacity that you would like to develop. You can do this by taking quizzes, browsing the Pattern System, or looking through a list of patterns, capacities, or psychological issues. This will lead you to a pattern/capacity pair. The pattern is something that isn't working in your life, such as Procrastination or People-Pleasing, and the capacity is something healthy that you will want to activate instead, such as Work Confidence or Assertiveness. There are currently 23 patterns and about the same number of capacities.

Each problematic pattern is linked with the healthy capacity that transforms it. To process the pair in order to transform the pattern into the capacity takes between 3 and 8 hours, so you will need multiple sessions.

See the graphic below to understand how it works. 

NB The professional version of Self-Therapy Journey is only available to people who are working with a therapist.

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