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Whenever you end a session, the system automatically saves the information about which step you were on, so when you next log in to your home page, you will see a link that allows you to restart at that point. 

In addition, Restart Points get created under the following circumstances:
1. You can create you own Restart Point by clicking the Save Restart Point link in the right column. 
2. The system also creates a Restart Point automatically whenever you switch from working on one pattern to exploring a new pattern or capacity. 
3. Whenever you log out, the system saves a Restart Point for the last step you were on. (This doesn't include pages that aren't part of the steps.)

You can access your Restart Points from your Dashboard. In fact, your Dashboard contain a link to Pattern Status and Restart. This page lists all the patterns with 
(1) information about where you are with each pattern, 
(2) a link to the reports and practice tracking pages for that pattern, 
(3) a link to start that pattern at the beginning, or 
(4) a link to restart where you left off.

There is only one Restart Point saved for each pattern/capacity pair, so if you save one and then go on to process further pages under that pair and log out, the Restart Point will be the last page you were on, not the one you saved. This means that you can't use Restart Points as bookmarks, only to mark the last page you processed for each pattern/capacity pair.

A Restart Point includes more than just the link to the page you were on, so it is never a good idea to just use a link to restart. And if you switch back-and-forth between patterns without using Restart Points, some things will not work correctly, specifically the Stage Headers at the top of the page may be incorrect. Therefore, don't use regular links to switch between patterns!

Your Dashboard also contains links to all your reports plus other personal information about your journey through the application and a profile of your psyche.


NB - if you commence with resolving a wound from the Dashboard there are no Restart Points available (unless you have already commenced a Pattern) because they don't take that long to complete. 

See the image from the link below to see exactly where you find the
Save Restart Point link.

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