The origin of a pattern can come from the way you were conditioned to act and feel as a child. Here are some options:

1. You were taught that a certain pattern was the way to be. Your parents told you to be that way, praised other people who acted that way, or disparaged people who weren't that way.

 2. You were rewarded for manifesting a certain pattern. You were given attention, caring, appreciation, and love when you acted in a certain way.

 3. You were punished when you failed to act a certain way. Your parents withdrew their love and caring, judged you, yelled at you, shamed you, or gave you actual punishment whenever you didn't act out a certain pattern.

 4. One of your parents modeled a certain way of being, so you came to believe that that was the way to be.

 5. One of your parents Judged you in a certain way or about certain issues, and so a part of you internalized that role, and now it judges you in a similar way or about similar issues.

Note: We are using the term "conditioning" in a loose way and not sticking to the technical meaning of the word in psychology, which would fit only options 2 and 3.
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