How to engage with STJ

This program is not intended to be a substitute for psychotherapy or counseling. You can think of it as a very sophisticated and interactive set of self-help books, plus guided meditations and customized reports.

First you will go through a number of pages to understand the pattern and make sure you have it enough to want to work on it. If so, you will then embark on a 5-stage process to explore this pattern, the childhood origins behind it, and the healthy capacity that transforms it, and to set up a homework practice to activate the capacity in your life instead of the pattern. The system will create a report for each pattern, capacity, and wound that you explore, plus one for each homework practice. People usually take between 3 and 8 hours for this process. So plan to do this over more than one session.

Since this work will take multiple sessions, it is very important to stick with it. When you finish a session, I recommend that you schedule your next session right then and put it into your calendar. Some people like to do one session per week. Others, who want faster results, may do a session every couple days or even every day. The important thing is not to let it slide. Always have your next session scheduled, and if something comes up so you can't do one, then reschedule it right away. 

It is important to engage with Self-Therapy Journey in a very different way than is usual with computers. Rather than using it in a fast, intellectual way, you will get much more out of it if you engage with it in a slow, open, contemplative manner, where you pay attention to your emotions.

Even though Self-Therapy Journey in set up in a linear fashion, you don't need to go through it that way. You may not be able to fill in all the information you are asked for the first time you get to a page. You may need to come back to a pattern or wound a number of times in different ways before you fully understand it. Take your time and explore it in the way that works best for you. You can go right through the stages or allow it to be a longer term project. Whatever feels right to you.

Self-Therapy Journey provides a variety of options at various points, and some only apply to certain users. If you don't understand something, it probably doesn't apply to you, so just ignore it and go on.

Self-Therapy Journey provides a lot of possibilities for exploring different patterns, capacities, and wounds. If you explore every one that comes up while you are working through a pattern, you may get overwhelmed. It would be better to either mark them for exploring later or just ignore the ones that aren't crucial for your current pattern. This way you can stay on track.
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